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What accounts for the depth of RSF hate? I don't get it    12/10/17  (89)
Greenwald: Media suffered its most embarrassing debacle in ages (link)    12/10/17  (64)
10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask On a First Date    12/10/17  (57)
Great essay on illegal immigration in Foreign Policy    12/10/17  (35)
Rate how this girl makes money    12/10/17  (31)
This supermodel is considered as one of the hottest asian females - rate her on    12/10/17  (27)
Someone already started using my credit info from the Equifax breach at Walmart.    12/10/17  (27)
What are the lifehacks for getting a "job"    12/10/17  (26)
The hardest class I ever took was a languages class (think Arabic, etc.)    12/10/17  (21)
"They're disgruntled, starting to lash-" GC: "give them fake coins to play with"    12/10/17  (21)
so Moore is getting elected anyway & dems lost a Senator?    12/10/17  (20)
Friend who got "no offered" in biglaw is living a 180 life    12/10/17  (19)
Can someone convince me that life in modern USA is better than North Korea    12/10/17  (19)
Why don't more Military Bros major in STEM (CS)    12/10/17  (17)
Every SUNDAY = NOWAG mental illness showcase    12/10/17  (17)
This is your Captain, Sashwat speaking    12/10/17  (16)
RSF: Did you grow up and go to HS in MFH or NJ?    12/10/17  (16)
new jobs a hassle and the kids got the flu    12/10/17  (15)
do you take escorts on dates or do they just show up to ur house and fuck you    12/10/17  (15)
So umc are just middle class that live in high COL cities?    12/10/17  (15)
most random white girls u know in big cities have fucked a rapper    12/10/17  (14)
Face shape can make or break your looks    12/10/17  (14)
Alcohol is poison: Had 4 drinks last night & feel bloated, cloudy headed, etc    12/10/17  (14)
I stand with RSF. Some of you are disgusting. RIP RSFs brother    12/10/17  (13)
Senate Republicans have declared war on the American Bar Association.    12/10/17  (13)
Rudolf asking RSF if he's interested in "something a little bit kinky"    12/10/17  (13)
Why are the Winklevii so bullish on crypto?    12/10/17  (13)
Trump is so 180 it's beyond belief    12/10/17  (12)
bannon went from prole --> monied --> superstructure manipulator -->    12/10/17  (11)
How do you learn to manipulate people better?    12/10/17  (11)
Listening to your GF piss is disgusting.You can tell it gets all over everywhere    12/10/17  (11)
Gf out of town. How to cheat? Tinder = caught    12/10/17  (11)
So can I get a job at State Department and live the chill fratty diplomat life?    12/10/17  (11)
Xo is my only news source    12/10/17  (11)
cleaning your place in case a girl comes over is like what birdd00ds do    12/10/17  (10)
Would you snap the neck of a small ankle biter dog that won't shut up?    12/10/17  (10)
anyone here have a brother die?    12/10/17  (10)
ljl at prole whites who fall for jew lies (NYC,LA)    12/10/17  (10)
woman brushed agaiinst me repeatedly in subway; am i still a virgin?    12/10/17  (10)
Not having technical skills is absolutely devastating    12/10/17  (9)
LOL Rams are 9-3 and challenging for NFC champs and stadium is half empty    12/10/17  (9)
It is fucking stupid that you can't buy liquor on Sunday    12/10/17  (9)
Pho is the best hangover cure known to man.    12/10/17  (9)
Back in the 90s when stadiums had piss troughs it was a piss party. We'd piss on    12/10/17  (9)
Crypto was your last chance to avoid the GC (literal) bloodbath of 2020-2030    12/10/17  (9)
How will gc deal with declining birth rates among high-income whites    12/10/17  (9)
That Dominants Over Submissives story was really eye opening    12/10/17  (9)
jcm's husky frame shattering your pelvis as Paramore "Misery Busiess" plays    12/10/17  (8)
Evan39, friend this girl and ask her to come over for a damn drink    12/10/17  (8)
Seems like societies succeed by investing in strengths, not in weaknesses    12/10/17  (8)