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The Case for a More Multicultural Japan    09/18/18  (93)
LMFAO cost of attendance for NYU law school is $96,845    09/18/18  (73)
Are there any poasters who have never been to New York City?    09/18/18  (65)
Chinese tourists cause commotion checking into Swedish hotel    09/18/18  (65)
xo should like this: women sizes 0 - 28 try on the same dress    09/18/18  (53)
Why does xo hate the chadly Scott Frost so much?    09/17/18  (49)
So DrakeMallard isn't posting NFL ratings anymore? Odd case    09/18/18  (47)
Many former top GOP donors are turning on Trump & donating to Dems    09/18/18  (47)
Anyone here nerd-adjacent? Like, very into games and nerd stuff, but don't fit    09/18/18  (47)
Trump orders declassification and release of all FISA docs & FBI texts    09/18/18  (47)
ITT I answer anything u don't understand about the power structure of the worl    09/18/18  (43)
video of me punching a sandbag (ragnus)    09/17/18  (43)
Wife concerned about our daughter becoming a shitlib    09/18/18  (42)
ABC News Chief Political Correspondent: Any male accused of sex abuse is guilty    09/17/18  (42)
some sWEET new pictures of my mustang at the shop - SUPERCAR    09/18/18  (41)
5G being released soon to connect drones, cars and manufacturing to internet    09/18/18  (40)
Need some scholarship on The Deer Hunter    09/18/18  (39)
Pics of a pool party in 1953 (no fat people)    09/18/18  (39)
Updated stats from my semi-autistic spreadsheet of chicks i've fucked...    09/17/18  (38)
holy shit chick went from being an 8 to a 1 by getting fat    09/18/18  (37)
What's the evutionary purpose of musical talent?    09/18/18  (36)
Trump slaps 10% Tariff on $200B worth of Chinese goods, goes up to 25% Jan 1    09/18/18  (35)
Who Is FASTING Tomorrow Night?    09/18/18  (35)
Dumb move by Kavanaugh to say he wasn't at the party    09/17/18  (33)
Strzok after Comey firing: We need to open the case weve been waiting on now"    09/18/18  (31)
Kavanaugh vote-counting    09/17/18  (31)
Kidmos: dotter is extremely attached to me and wife, cries going to other people    09/17/18  (30)
NYTimes: Trump is pushing in China's shit when it comes to the trade war    09/18/18  (29)
Bye bye weird Korean guy, drove his Mustang to noraebang then went home to cry    09/18/18  (29)
Last few Coen brothers movies have been really bad    09/17/18  (29)
I seriously resent the Greeks for letting the Balkans and Anatolia become Muslim    09/18/18  (28)
Lol at "computer science" as if they are pouring chemicals in their CD Rom drive    09/18/18  (28)
Zimmerman signing packs of skittles    09/18/18  (28)
ITT poast pics of your kids for us to rate    09/18/18  (27)
Breaks my heart :D is a pro-China, anti-US cuck    09/18/18  (27)
finally Happy! [divorced, trans, on meds] (reddit)    09/18/18  (27)
Bart OKavanaugh should be forced to take a lie detector test, during hearings    09/18/18  (26)
lmao @ this hot take on Kavanaugh's accuser    09/18/18  (26)
What income do you need to live comfortably with 300k house?    09/18/18  (26)
i believe the internet is god reaching his tentacles out to connect human race    09/17/18  (26)
what did pop sensation britney spears mean "hit me baby, one more time"    09/17/18  (26)
I have a drug test in ONE WEEK or so    09/17/18  (26)
It is truly sad Libs can't get beyond their delusional hate to see good in Trump    09/18/18  (24)
rating you as a type of apple ITT    09/18/18  (24)
followed askav after work (pic)    09/18/18  (24)
Rate this Swedish soccer team (pic    09/17/18  (24)
RATE this clip on homelessness in HK [californians irate] (vid)    09/18/18  (23)
Orthodox Church schism... Russia breaks with Constantinople    09/18/18  (22)
rate the ugliest chick youve fucked as a college    09/18/18  (22)
Difference between Spaceporn and nyuug: Spaceporn is a piece of shit    09/18/18  (22)