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Tech careers are a huge mistake for most people    03/17/18  (112)
Is this the most embarassing loss in the history of sports?    03/17/18  (95)
lmao if youre not living in australia    03/17/18  (85)
ITT: I give you two 35 year old women. You tell me which one you'd date.    03/17/18  (83)
FBI's Strzok was friends with Flynn's judge. Judge accepted plea then recused    03/17/18  (80)
ITT poasters share their stories about getting cuties DICK DRUNK    03/17/18  (77)
Andrew McCabe fired.    03/17/18  (71)
Trump considering limiting visas to Chinese students. YNY    03/17/18  (66)
lib here. I admit I'm rooting for the economy to tank before 2020 election    03/16/18  (65)
Anyone stuck professionally at age ~30? I basically have nowhere to go    03/17/18  (58)
RATE this Jackson Lewis associate    03/16/18  (49)
holllyyyyy shit, ski lift in Georgia goes out of control (video)    03/16/18  (47)
Final "Ready Player One" trailer    03/16/18  (44)
Emmy Rossum In BH, Looking Bitchy & Carrying Her Puppydood (PICS)    03/16/18  (44)
LOL WAIT the collapsed bridge was designed by MINORITY FEMALES?!? LJLLIBS?    03/17/18  (43)
Advice for men: It's better to be an A+ at one thing than a B- in everything.    03/16/18  (42)
Does anyone have an ugly kid?    03/16/18  (41)
reminder: a woman who loves you will put up with anything but lying    03/16/18  (41)
Did you know any families growing up with 5+ kids ALL BOYS?    03/16/18  (40)
Boomer Sheriff LEGALLY Takes $750K In Unused Prison Food Funds For Himself    03/16/18  (40)
Chiropractor demonstrates his techniques on girl with big tits    03/16/18  (39)
Does the fact that California has law schools from which you can only practice l    03/16/18  (37)
Rate the ports of call on this $11,000 Mississippi River cruise    03/16/18  (37)
65% of Americans have little or nothing saved for retirement (link)    03/16/18  (37)
Why arent we all mastering c++ in our spare time?    03/16/18  (33)
It's pretty obvious that northern Europeans were higher IQ due to cold climate    03/16/18  (32)
White folk, admit it: when you see a black person....    03/16/18  (31)
#1 quality in girl is childlike wide-eyed innocence, happiness, enthusiasm (DTP)    03/16/18  (30)
BREAKING: xoClaire's DH disbarred for divorce shenanigans (link)    03/16/18  (29)
If you made 175K and worked 10am-4pm, WFH Friday w/ little work, stay forever?    03/16/18  (29)
crowdfunding the pension of a millionaire FBI agent is peak liberalism    03/17/18  (28)
i seriously need to get fucking rich quick    03/16/18  (28)
Sadiq Khan's London: Don't need to commit a crime to be charged w/ a hate crime    03/16/18  (28)
Weed kind of fucks with your super short term memory huh?    03/16/18  (28)
this breitbard article is devastating re european immigration    03/16/18  (28)
Has xo ever had any not flame drug addicts?    03/17/18  (26)
NCAA coach rants about MILLENNIALS after team gets bounced from tournament    03/16/18  (26)
GC refuses to sell quality mid-range smartphones in the USA    03/16/18  (26)
All of civilization depends on whether John Boltons mustache is a dealbreaker.    03/16/18  (26)
if i was a king, i would have a guy scour the land for the prettiest girls,    03/16/18  (26)
Reminder: BBC porn is 100% the cause of the cuck fetish    03/16/18  (25)
KGB kills ANOTHER faggot in London    03/16/18  (25)
My two husbands (salon)    03/16/18  (25)
Any Rub-n-tug mastermen here?    03/16/18  (24)
Did you watch any of these growing up: the monkees, gilligans island, get smart    03/16/18  (24)
No private sector worker gets $1.8 million after retiring    03/17/18  (23)
Vanessa Trump: Living with DJT Jr. was "nightmarish" (link)    03/16/18  (23)
Holy shit the golden retrievers are gonna upset UVA    03/17/18  (22)
People should be barred from bragging about "adopting" non-pitbulls.    03/16/18  (22)
eating dinner at the QANTAS lounge    03/16/18  (22)