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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
Sim glitch: Nolan Ryan played 27 years, but only went to 8 All-Star games.    08/17/18  (11)
Explain the angry, thick-browed Irish phenotype of guys like Brennan    08/17/18  (5)
Does anyone here still read The Economist?    08/17/18  (25)
How do i become a rich white guy?    08/17/18  (1)
Anybody own a cat? How much work are they? Worth it?    08/17/18  (21)
US tech firms: white Americans need not apply; H1-B Indians only    08/17/18  (20)
LJL at EPAH holding himself out as some great example of a success story    08/17/18  (10)
Reddit is oppressively banal    08/17/18  (48)
whats the POTUS morning regimen?    08/17/18  (1)
you bet your fucking ass i'm in the document, i'm so far in this document it ca    08/17/18  (20)
is WSJ the only reliable objective news source now?    08/17/18  (19)
Just steal identity get job on armed truck and rob it    08/17/18  (4)
Doctor calls rug cleaner to his house;bimbo wife agrees to pay $42k for cleaning    08/17/18  (22)
if you've ever interacted with other XO poasters off-board you're pathetic    08/17/18  (39)
blasted audible shit on toilet during conference call earlier    08/17/18  (1)
only problem with holdup being dagestani is his supporting KHABIB    08/17/18  (6)
Ask TSA before they grope you: "You like what you see?"    08/17/18  (4)
Historians discover pizza delivery receipts to Auschwitz prisoners - link    08/17/18  (3)
Ironside Bumps Head Jumping Up & Down Under The Chuppah    08/17/18  (5)
Day off, spent last 5 hours researching the Delaware Chancery Court. Taking ?'s    08/17/18  (10)
Went to an outdoor concert this week, jfc women    08/17/18  (2)
What is the best used sports bike (motorcycle) on the market today?    08/17/18  (3)
Chandler    08/17/18  (1)
Sweating bullets in my office, JFC.    08/17/18  (1)
Who's next from the Deep State to go down?    08/17/18  (7)
Someone explain Larry King on RT    08/17/18  (2)
Trumpmos: enjoy Friday night alone w/your rage while I'll be having sex    08/17/18  (21)
Bruce Ohr to Christopher Steele after Comey firing: I'm afraid we'll be exposed    08/17/18  (4)
Emperor Barron Trump Orders Entire Mueller Lineage Hanged, Drawn and Quartered    08/17/18  (1)
Mormons: "Don't call us Mormons."    08/17/18  (36)
See ya around    08/17/18  (1)
Imagine being forced to live IRL    08/17/18  (1)
IT oopsie leads to the execution of dozens of CIA assets    08/17/18  (97)
The Economist: Completely open borders will generate $78 trillion in wealth    08/17/18  (137)
How did academia become so liberal? What happened? Was it always that way    08/17/18  (62)
taking a shit is awesome right until it comes out    08/17/18  (4)
"Oooh... What should I get??" said your 155lb 6.5 tinder date, opening the menu    08/17/18  (79)
Why do jews and blacks get along so well?    08/17/18  (4)
So Manafort is already going to be tried again? LMAO    08/17/18  (15)
Rate the MASCULINITY of these former Obama staffers on Colbert    08/17/18  (12)
boomerboat is 180    08/17/18  (4)
boomerboat - what's your story brother    08/17/18  (8)
Boomerboat's 5 fav US cities and towns    08/17/18  (6)
is boomerboat boom?    08/17/18  (6)
Boomerboat is a 180 poster    08/17/18  (3)
All living former CIA directors tell Trump/Putin the game is up (LINK)    08/17/18  (72)
XO median IQ is at about 110 right now    08/17/18  (12)
Manafort jury sends note to judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!    08/17/18  (55)
Apache Indian - Boom Shack-a-Lak.mp3    08/17/18  (2)
Cinci 8/17 Spoilers #tennis    08/17/18  (10)
Deontay Wilder travels to Belfast and yells out 'Bomb Squaaad'. Fucking 180.    08/17/18  (1)
RATE the diet of this BigLaw shrew    08/17/18  (35)
remember when boner police had a job at goldman sachs    08/17/18  (3)
Omega Speedmaster Man on the FUCKIN MOOON    08/17/18  (29)
Like the man himself, cslg's sons birthday party was fraud    08/17/18  (25)
If my stealing a q400 doesnt stir your T and make you feel that red blood of    08/17/18  (1)
IT'S YOGURT *gasps*    08/17/18  (1)
Econmos, why do some think defense spending should be excluded from GDP?    08/17/18  (4)
LesbiansWhoCode.org check out the cans on this butch chick with a bullring    08/17/18  (2)
Hey DBG Torah law question for you    08/17/18  (4)
Boner Police, why did you pick Tufts over Harvard, MIT or Amherst/Williams?    08/17/18  (2)
Giving away awesome Dodger tickets for August 21 (CSLG)    08/17/18  (32)
Wife Hack: Write an F on her forehead with a sharpie every time she fucks up    08/17/18  (5)
"I am gay." -- Djoker    08/17/18  (3)
I am beebo. I am Faust. I am transcendence. I died so that *you* May live.    08/17/18  (2)
ANOTHER Manafort jury note: "Why did Greg Andres have tears in his eyes?"    08/17/18  (2)
Putin fuming mad at DHS agent investigating Russian money laundering. Agent LOLs    08/17/18  (7)
Fuck you sellcucks!!! Moon mission is just getting started    08/17/18  (13)
deus vult    08/17/18  (3)
David Bowie - Its No Game.mp3 (TSINAH)    08/17/18  (4)
This isnt a game to me, screamed TSINAH as he upended the Candyland board    08/17/18  (7)
hey guys should i buy crypto?    08/17/18  (1)
Any PS4 bros getting Dragon Quest 11?    08/17/18  (5)
Ironside biting his wedding band as flashbulbs go off and rice is thrown    08/17/18  (2)
ppl are maeking it and your $itting with dick in hand verry $ad    08/17/18  (1)
Hacked/leaked emails of corrupt Russian lawyer makes BigLaw look terrible    08/17/18  (13)
California homeowners get to pass low property taxes to their kids.    08/17/18  (8)
Omega releases Speemaster Professional Jim_Kelly "Man on the Moonface"    08/17/18  (2)
Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths    08/17/18  (4)
Rabbi: "Do you take Jewess to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Ironside: "Ahhhh, w    08/17/18  (1)
going on a pontoon boat trip on a mountain lake today. gonna be 180    08/17/18  (11)
Asshole next to me on a plane asked me to stop dipping    08/17/18  (30)
Djoker Has All But Locked Up Top 8 Seed At US Open #tennis    08/17/18  (4)
Anybody own a car? How much work are they? Worth it?    08/17/18  (1)
Ironside Sprinting Down Aisle In Tuxedo Capris    08/17/18  (3)
I watched I am a Killer on Netflix; dont feel so bad about my life anymore    08/17/18  (6)
rate this 170 lb. ukrainian freak arm wrestling a 260 pound t3 SHW guy    08/17/18  (4)
Chilling on the MADAR III feed; serious UFO activity over SLC    08/17/18  (2)
Rabbi: Do You Accept Jewess? Ironside: *Picks Ass For 40 Secs* "I Do, No?"    08/17/18  (1)
reminder: like hippos, cat doods need to be tired out for improved management    08/17/18  (1)
2 Plastic Bottles (Water, Orange) Nearly Lined Up At Each Seat At Ironside Weddi    08/17/18  (4)
"oh, my hapa kid will be fine if it's a girl" *Emma Sulcowizc born*    08/17/18  (10)
Bump this thread when NEO hits 100+    08/17/18  (5)
Wayne Moon    08/17/18  (7)
Market Cap: $193,629,340,475, expect huge bounce at $166Bill    08/17/18  (3)
Its bad in a democracy when one party (GOP) is solely reliant on the uneducated    08/17/18  (13)
i woke up a rich looking young asian guy in an airport lounge because he was gon    08/17/18  (5)
What is the purpose of put options, how do they benefit society    08/17/18  (28)
Ironside Sticking His Fiancee's Family At The Aus Open Table At Wedding    08/17/18  (4)
Ironside Fiance Ancestry.com Result Thread    08/17/18  (11)
Divinity school or b school?    08/17/18  (1)
"Enjoy your bannn!" TSINAH squealed as the BIG DICK BALLA hit his prostate    08/17/18  (6)
Its bad in a family when one child (WLMAS) is solely reliant on the uneducated    08/17/18  (2)
colt in the same week: I just had a baby! I just closed on a house! Look at me!!    08/17/18  (35)
FUCKING KIKE FRAUDS    08/17/18  (1)
Most prestigious phd in orthodox theology?    08/17/18  (1)
WAI was there no Mayli Kelly Baltazar Kelly Jiayi Wang (Georgetown) thread??    08/17/18  (4)
Chandler you could live 180 on that 76k in Lincoln, NE college town    08/17/18  (8)
Ever dated another Trump supporter?    08/17/18  (23)
Manafort leaving courtroom: I wear Gucci, I wear Louis, at the SAME DAMN TIME    08/17/18  (1)
Nvidia, AMD, Samsung just going to let Bitmain monopolize mining?    08/17/18  (4)
Evan39 - how dare you!    08/17/18  (1)
RANK The Travel Message Boards    08/17/18  (1)
Remedy for Russian Meddling Should Be a New Election    08/17/18  (10)
An endless parade of 5'2" women pining after 6'3" men    08/17/18  (12)
Normal people: "Begone, foul temptress!" James Joyce Jr.: "Hello, foul temptress    08/17/18  (4)
Ironside Fiance 23andme Result Thread    08/17/18  (4)
Evan39 and UES doing a cartwheel 69 at the front of the $100m military parade    08/17/18  (8)
Ironside's 6-Year Anti-Tapas Crusade On XO Is 180    08/17/18  (14)
Manafort Jury finds Obama born in KENYA, REVOKES HIS PRESIDENCY    08/17/18  (4)
manafort trial is too politicized, no? there's gonna be at least one holdout imo    08/17/18  (3)
Libs being purged DAYS after praising authoritarian GC.    08/17/18  (3)
Real Justice would have everyone involved in the coup against Trump be executed    08/17/18  (3)
"I know this great new small plates restaurant", the Tinder shrew suggested    08/17/18  (3)
my rommate is Semetic hope i bang her    08/17/18  (54)
So deep state will just keep trying Manafort over and over again    08/17/18  (1)
vegetarian wife spilled bean salad all over inside of car on ride back    08/17/18  (5)
The 5 Levels of Swiss Watches (VID)    08/17/18  (116)
Rate this 20yo WOC valet I met (Epah)    08/17/18  (75)
COCKEYED wlmas, MING-MONGED from PANTHER SAUCE, giving CLOSING ARG of his life    08/17/18  (1)
Investing it all tonight.    08/17/18  (3)
"LOL turns out they're sending over 'Deal Team Six.'" {ashen-fac    08/17/18  (70)
Mom Called PDDJ's Mom Antisemite For Comments On Brother's Wife's Family    08/17/18  (36)
Any tube sites still have max hardcore vids?    08/17/18  (66)
HS graduate at 14 -> UPenn UG -> GULC -> DE Court of Chancery -> 10th Circuit    08/17/18  (17)
Conversationalists Across The Fruited Plain #ironside    08/17/18  (3)
new Instagram trend: law shrews proudly showing off pot bellies.    08/17/18  (1)
Still can't fucking believe libs hate whitey so much they side with Muslims    08/17/18  (1)
PDDJ HS Friend Hasn't Talked To Her bc His Negress GF Not Invited To Our Wedding    08/17/18  (10)
Ljl at these kike scam "credit reporting agencies" having our info    08/17/18  (12)
My best girl friend's boyfriend is a total jerk    08/17/18  (9)
Manafort GUILTY!!!!!    08/17/18  (13)
The future Libs are fighting for (pic)    08/17/18  (5)
Buy DE, faggots    08/17/18  (12)
NYT: "how can I cure my white guilt?"    08/17/18  (37)
the bort isn't the same since muscadine wine tp retired    08/17/18  (6)
"Messianic Jews" make me laugh    08/17/18  (19)
How to set odds for bets on "Next lawyer to leave Trump team" ?    08/17/18  (4)
Anyone know what is needed to transfer 100% of shares from father to son?    08/17/18  (12)

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