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Last night's tinychat discussion with calishitlawguru was 180    10/22/17  (30)
Uniqlo    10/22/17  (2)
Just threw an usher dance party in my living room alone    10/22/17  (1)
doobs, nude, TuTu, vuvuzela, hiding in the bushes    10/22/17  (17)
Why I profoundly disabled my masturbating son (NYTimes)    10/22/17  (2)
2017 net to date is 1.1 million - Calishitlawguru (taking ?s)    10/22/17  (96)
Reflecting on it... Baby Driver sucked    10/22/17  (3)
Terminator 1 is so superior to 2 it's ridiculous    10/22/17  (8)
Does this chick at the dog park think I'm gay? (Story)    10/22/17  (33)
Any cute Bi guys poast on Autoadmit?    10/22/17  (3)
nfl is an absolute product    10/22/17  (1)
miyog lla kcuf    10/22/17  (2)
Why are faggot nerd retards obsessed with not seeing "spoilers"    10/22/17  (1)
I've worked for Persians and Indians, and in my experience, Persians >> Indians    10/22/17  (4)
Betting 0.22 BTC (my entire betting account) on 49ers to win outright    10/22/17  (25)
I agree with libs that America has been a malign, evil force on a global basis    10/22/17  (6)
Omega Seamaster, Macbook Pro, 50 dollar haircut, MGTOW    10/22/17  (2)
ITT: post naked (or nearly naked) pics of IRL girls    10/22/17  (38)
Holy SHIT! Saw a NOWAG wearing *THE* COBRA tshirt (pic)    10/22/17  (31)
We eatin' well NIGGAH    10/22/17  (1)
Looking at NFL scores looks like nothing but pure shit games lol    10/22/17  (1)
WTF is tutu? Heroin?    10/22/17  (4)
i want to lift up ted cruz tps sweaty fat rolls and flick his cute clitpenis    10/22/17  (11)
atheists: why is murder categorically wrong    10/22/17  (96)
I feel like PWNING the fuck out of my former employer with the STATE OF CALIFORN    10/22/17  (2)
Is there a denomination of Christianity that is conservative but not prole?    10/22/17  (18)
Anything more disingenuous than libs lamenting "the state of the GOP"?    10/22/17  (10)
Libs: how do YOU feel about how many libs oppose free speech for ideas they disl    10/22/17  (52)
odd case: bills and dolphins are tied for 1st at 6-1    10/22/17  (1)
Tom Clancy's Without Remorse is LIT    10/22/17  (6)
Would you hop cities just to escape a dealer?    10/22/17  (1)
Sometimes I think so hard about Emily Nussbaum's farts I worry my brain will bre    10/22/17  (3)
POLL: Will the San Francisco 49ers win a game this year? (currently 0-5    10/22/17  (13)
Europeans really going with this equal pay for males/females in sports    10/22/17  (12)
Indians are incredibly anti-white. We need to ban these turdskins    10/22/17  (13)
can't stop lolling at RSF. what a pathetic loser, just lol    10/22/17  (2)
22 YO Bro challenged me to 1 on 1 Bball    10/22/17  (1)
What is the most prestigious name for a stripper?    10/22/17  (8)
Hey libs, you're garbage. You need to be tossed out    10/22/17  (1)
Remember when earl Ndamakong Suh'ed the poor bball player and stomped on his leg    10/22/17  (17)
"Why I Refuse to Masturbate My Profoundly Disabled Husband" (spaceporn's wife)    10/22/17  (31)
BAM your subordinate called u a moron at meeting but u cant fire him    10/22/17  (7)
This is Washington. My hometown. Brunch. Brunch.    10/22/17  (36)
Reminder, TUNGSTEN is the best common material for bullet strength    10/22/17  (2)
East Germany is probably only example of a state where socialism worked    10/22/17  (40)
funny how middlebrow entertainment & media constantly calls its audience "elite"    10/22/17  (6)
Japanese far-right wins in landslide    10/22/17  (3)
Rate my meal prep for dinner party tonight (pic)    10/22/17  (1)
all sports except for the USWNT should be SHUT DOWN    10/22/17  (2)
TMF literally thinks Great Pyrenees & Kangals are as ferocious as shittpitts    10/22/17  (13)
Kurt Angle is wrestling in a PPV match this Sunday. Not flame    10/22/17  (15)
sapiosexual app slut helping Chad finish his online IQ test    10/22/17  (14)
Hypo: 1 million to live in either India or Mexico    10/22/17  (3)
Boner Police coyly parting his hair as he sheds his first tear gagging on ur coc    10/22/17  (2)
The Couple Met At A Seattle-Area Grocery Store (NYT)    10/22/17  (1)
Simple Excel question    10/22/17  (3)
American women: vacillating btwn ANOREXIA/BULIMIA & full-hog 300lb obesity (DTP)    10/22/17  (9)
Team America to flush out Islamic State from desert hideouts    10/22/17  (9)
JCM will you blow a kiss toward my clitdick and make me pancakes?    10/22/17  (21)
WMTP found dead in a sea of counterfeit designer wear    10/22/17  (34)
JJC *outed* in a video posted of him shaving on camera    10/22/17  (1)
Peter North abuses parents, gets arrested. But i am the bad guy cuz i quit jobs    10/22/17  (22)
As an earthquake, anti-Seismitism is weirdly flattering    10/22/17  (2)
Is this a black hipster? (Pics)    10/22/17  (10)
RATE this girl's level of mental illness based on this txt (pic)    10/22/17  (92)
JFC LOL @ my night last night, that really came out of nowhere    10/22/17  (110)
man o' war screaming "beat his ass" at the screen for 2 hrs during Whiplash    10/22/17  (1)
How can you concentrate on ANYTHING if you know xo is always THERE    10/22/17  (4)
LOL 23 y/o Swedish tinder girl sends naked pics fast as FUCK    10/22/17  (33)
LOL, friend's little sister taking 2hr train to London to see me tonight    10/22/17  (29)
MGTOW BOTW CS FI/RE NOWAG DMD    10/22/17  (3)
I'd rather be hood rich until 60 than save a goddamn nickel for retirement    10/22/17  (10)
"oh fuck" you mutter as you see man o war shimmying into movie theater    10/22/17  (5)
why does man o' war go to the barbershop every day?    10/22/17  (4)
Reminder Trumpmos: you're a minority in America. Don't ever forget it.    10/22/17  (29)
poured myself a ginger ale, about to play some stellaris...18000    10/22/17  (1)
What do they mean by "archaic talmudic reasoning" and how does "archaic talmudic    10/22/17  (3)
As a Jew, anti-Semistism is weirdly flattering    10/22/17  (9)
Why I Masturbate My Chaebong Hyung Son (nyuugs mom)    10/22/17  (5)
Do girls practice sticking their butt out in pictures?    10/22/17  (2)
A primitive desert god named yahweh? Sounds legit, I'll buy it.    10/22/17  (4)
Who the hell is "buttmaster"    10/22/17  (5)
I LOL frequently at the moniker "Boichester United"    10/22/17  (7)
istanbul street cat    10/22/17  (2)
Why I Masturbate My Profoundly Disabled Master (doobs)    10/22/17  (10)
pineapple sculpin    10/22/17  (7)
J-Swype equivalent of 'lick message'? Also discussion thread    10/22/17  (16)
Jim_kelly, did u get laid last night?    10/22/17  (1)
bill clinton was at nascar event today, black military bro sung national anthem    10/22/17  (5)
DAILY REMINDER: Be aggressive as fuck with app girls    10/22/17  (14)
Rachel Goldstein from the viral internet story here.    10/22/17  (7)
Any POASTERS going to COLUMBUS for Bucks v. Pedos?    10/22/17  (30)
I'm at the burj al arab, lamest hotel ever LJL!    10/22/17  (82)
Andrew Sullivan warns: Dems are being retarded on immigration; will lose again:    10/22/17  (48)
I look just like cristiano ronaldo and have a huge cock    10/22/17  (1)
A SI swimsuit model moved in a few doors down    10/22/17  (19)
LJL, at WHAT age does the HS drama EVER end in MFH...never?    10/22/17  (36)
Learned a lot about Egyptian MUSCLEPHARAOH AmanGROWtep    10/22/17  (10)
ITT: You pick a date from summer '17 and I post a photoreel pic    10/22/17  (118)
A murderer and a murder victim have been over to my apt    10/22/17  (20)
Watching The Sopranos START to FINISH    10/22/17  (87)
Friend is having a "wedding reunion" party, ~1mo after wedding    10/22/17  (2)
JFC, girl has a nipple showing in her new fbook profile picture    10/22/17  (49)
Lawyers: I want to write a devastating review on Glassdoor re my ex employer    10/22/17  (11)
Why I masturbate my profoundly disabled son (NYTimes)    10/22/17  (48)
MILEMOS, STATE your current balance by program    10/22/17  (60)
Stadiums Nearly Empty As Anthem Protest Backlash Rolls Into Week 7 (PHOTOS)    10/22/17  (16)
The Daily Humiliation of lawman8    10/22/17  (34)
Grew up drinking Donald Duck brand orange juice    10/22/17  (1)
Reptiles - NBA TV ratings are up so far    10/22/17  (2)
Cant stop loling at prole low IQ goys. Just lol at these subhuman freaks    10/22/17  (6)
So, regarding nigger criminality, chances Obongo will go to jail?    10/22/17  (2)
Ayo rach any update on when the bort merger is gonna happen?    10/22/17  (1)
Halford turning Doobs into an "analog Tamagotchi"    10/22/17  (35)
"now THIS is manly!"--niggerball fan grilling factory meat & sipping mantit juic    10/22/17  (44)
I get shit on xo for having a job. I get shit on xo for not having a job.    10/22/17  (9)
LAWMAN8 IS NIGGER    10/22/17  (4)
pretty sure dork i went to law school with got a russian mail-order bride    10/22/17  (2)
ITT, I explain why lawyers are so depressed/mentally ill    10/22/17  (5)
"i'm waiting for the man" plays over montage of tedcruz getting fired over & ove    10/22/17  (3)
"Dayenu (It woulda been enough)" - a JEWISH song (?!)    10/22/17  (3)
Libs: NIGGERS aren't niggers. Society, we are the NIGGERS    10/22/17  (2)
cliffs on MPM/lawman8 stuff that happened today?    10/22/17  (143)
GAKKED OUT and just spent like 2 hours looking through local meetups and clubs    10/22/17  (6)
Who would like some CharlesXII themed hypos?    10/22/17  (33)
Video: violent BLM protester punches Nazi at Richard Spencer event    10/22/17  (3)
Trump heightens division between whites, Jews on AutoAdmit forum (link)    10/22/17  (1)
Saturday nigtht    10/22/17  (30)
I litter. Fuck you if you think it's wrong.    10/22/17  (30)
DTP would be 180 if he just admitted to being DVP. currently only 175.    10/22/17  (1)
in a perfect world, Spencer marries Ivanka: White Nationalist Power Couple    10/22/17  (1)
If a girl is even 5 lb overweight, that's a auto-rejection for me (DTP)    10/22/17  (31)
LOL'ing hard at peterman's meltdown tonight    10/22/17  (27)
NYUUG pestering and whining at you for fuck    10/22/17  (1)
At party with sub-6 shrews. Each thought they would marry a "millionaire"    10/22/17  (26)
poastradumbass holding his colon in a bag, walking around special ed classroom    10/22/17  (7)
Jeromulus let's start a PI firm    10/22/17  (5)
Listening to Ed Sheeran "Perfect" reminiscing on high school GF :(    10/22/17  (4)
Why I masturbate to your profoundly disabled son    10/22/17  (5)
What are the top 3 countries to visit in Europe?    10/22/17  (87)
israeli/jew food places are insane values    10/22/17  (11)
Wait, Richard Spencer is married to a Slavic chick?    10/22/17  (19)
My Darkest Days was 180, fuck 3DG for ruining everything    10/22/17  (1)
Its lulzy when RSF talked abt MY MILES like he used his own money to earn them    10/22/17  (8)
Rate this 29 year old law shrew barely fitting into her pantsuit (pic)    10/22/17  (37)
Lost 6.5 lbs. Results here    10/22/17  (33)
putrid nigger butt slut    10/22/17  (1)
15 Israelis Arrested For Threatening Swarthy Arabs Against Marrying Jewesses    10/22/17  (5)
My Mom: I Love Everything About PDDJ Except That She's Taking Away My Baby    10/22/17  (1)
Fempoaster lying supine, lifeless, says to bf, "okay pump your cum into me now."    10/22/17  (1)

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