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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
Video of San Francisco officer shooting fleeing suspect    06/18/18  (38)
ITT girl wearing a NOWAG shirt    06/18/18  (34)
***NORDIC SWEDE VIKINGS v. Clitdick beta Korea****    06/18/18  (1)
Here are some subtle tells to differentiate 125 iqs from 140s    06/18/18  (16)
I'm concerned - going to be a uncle to a hapa in 9 months (DTP)    06/18/18  (10)
METAL UP YOUR ASS do you like AGENT STEEL    06/18/18  (2)
XO underestimates the mental illness of the general population    06/18/18  (7)
"Feeling cold? Come to my comfortable midtown oven" Live Tuna whispers    06/18/18  (1)
if your girl open palm slaps you in an argument, what is an appropriate response    06/18/18  (39)
Suns coming up in Manhattan! Go out and breathe some fresh air    06/18/18  (5)
*enters Hangar 18* *nude luis and a Gray alien in standing 69*    06/18/18  (4)
This is your typical mid-20s white woman these days (DTP)    06/18/18  (51)
ITT: we describe what would happen if RSF took a couple of tabs of acid    06/18/18  (7)
*cocaine* *Area 51 arcade game* *blacklight*    06/18/18  (1)
"Wouldst thou live deliciously?" Live Tuna asks, winking, holding out GradPLUS L    06/18/18  (28)
Einstein on NOWAGS: "often more like automatons than people."    06/18/18  (25)
15:17 to Paris makes libs MAF?    06/18/18  (4)
VIDEO of French girl LOL'ing at NOWAGS    06/18/18  (12)
A married woman posted this on her social media (pic)    06/18/18  (57)
Anyone else pronounce "wimbledon" as "wimpleton"?    06/18/18  (5)
what is the best available concealed carry revolver?    06/18/18  (41)
I can feel him... cummin in my hair tonight... hold on...    06/18/18  (9)
Musk tweeting is a cover up for how bad TESLA will get rekt, short it    06/18/18  (1)
Elon Musk comes out of closet as literal Nazi. 9373272625    06/18/18  (1)
Daily Stoic, 6/18/18    06/18/18  (3)
movie to watch 2nite?    06/18/18  (122)
Trump is getting all the enemies of the Republic to tear off their masks    06/18/18  (8)
rach pull the plug    06/18/18  (17)
Do rent a cops bother you more than actual cops?    06/18/18  (3)
should i buy property 40 min south of Portland Oregon?    06/18/18  (6)
TIME FOR A BOARD CLEANSE    06/18/18  (3)
Sorry I'm late guise, I got here as soon as I wanted to    06/18/18  (1)
Herro, dis-ah YOU VEE TEA carring flom Jingzhuang marketing    06/18/18  (352)
Wait so the dead brother spammer was UVT??? makes a lot of sense    06/18/18  (32)
CBS 60 Minutes: Lack of oversight of pill distributors has killed 200,000    06/18/18  (21)
Theres literally no point in keeping time anymore    06/18/18  (4)
your internet friend twins giving you 'o.k.' hand signal as you throw the switch    06/18/18  (47)
i think you should kill yourself dilbert    06/18/18  (10)
jmaw gakked out on hwy overpass flashing passers by    06/18/18  (1)
reminder : women need YEARS of training to take dick as well as a bored queer    06/18/18  (58)
Prediction : being incel will be as trendy as anime within 5 years    06/18/18  (24)
YOU'RE OLD: Jersey Shore premiered 13 years ago    06/18/18  (5)
Into My Endzone! Sports and the Territorial Vulva by Professor Nancy    06/18/18  (5)
Nancy Leong now walks around campus carrying a detached rear car seat    06/18/18  (9)
Would you enter a bodybuilding contest if you looked like this?    06/18/18  (16)
LOL @ Harvard's statement about the upcoming Asian admissions lawsuit:    06/18/18  (25)
I sincerely hope Harvard gets PWNED    06/18/18  (3)
i would love to put a bullet in the head of everyone who poasted WMTPs name    06/18/18  (4)
still don't know who mr. jinx and whokebe are    06/18/18  (7)
I was outed. That doesn't mean I will retire, or go cry like a pussy (WMTP)    06/18/18  (23)
Are Hapa females usually attractive and highly sought after?    06/18/18  (14)
Roundup gives people cancer    06/18/18  (1)
1918: Pump gas into car 2018: Pump gas into car    06/18/18  (4)
Do Asians have any response to Einsteingate or do they agree?    06/18/18  (11)
59 BC newspaper printed 2018: Newspaper printed    06/18/18  (1)
Did you like ThunderCats?    06/18/18  (4)
Nothing has changed or improved in the last 60 years    06/18/18  (1)
Class of 2011 at the Manhattan ADA makes ~81k    06/18/18  (10)
GF says I can no longer peruse gay websites, so I guess this is goodbye xoxo :(    06/18/18  (3)
XO the internet and life is all satire! Dont take it seriously    06/18/18  (1)
Life doesnt work this way its not some fucking script youre brainwashed    06/18/18  (1)
This board along with the entire internet needs to be erased    06/18/18  (1)
Bros, what can you expect from lyfe after 35 if you didnt form babby?    06/18/18  (59)
Media desperately forcememing that immigration policy is failing....    06/18/18  (11)
evan39 does big grocery defense law    06/18/18  (1)
Brooks Koepka has won the U.S. over with a +1 score... who?    06/18/18  (1)
Evan39 -- who is this deranged queer?    06/18/18  (19)
Shooting at wal Mart in Washington state    06/18/18  (3)
Sturgill Simpson -- If You Could Hie to Kolob.mp3    06/18/18  (2)
Man catches his drunk wife cheating with a black thug    06/18/18  (26)
Feminist Bookstore Closes From Lack of Sales, Blames White Men    06/18/18  (28)
Hardwick on leave at AMC now    06/18/18  (42)
einstein was non-religious in traditional sense because of how cocky he was    06/18/18  (3)
877-CASH-NOW    06/18/18  (1)
RATE King Abdullah's (Jordan) DELTOIDS (PIC)    06/18/18  (2)
YOU'RE OLD: Douglas and Gay Azn have been fagmarried for a DECADE    06/18/18  (5)
Landon Donovan: fuck USA soccer. VIVA MEXICO!    06/18/18  (20)
Luis my fav fruits are apples, strawberries, honeydew melons, grapes    06/18/18  (3)
Shitlibs pretend these children being separated are all applying for asylum.    06/18/18  (16)
MAGA-hatted cuties at 'Conservative Conference' (NYT)    06/18/18  (39)
Do libs forget that any time a single parent is arrested the same shit happens?    06/18/18  (8)
Elon Musk: beware of "trickery" from lawyers.    06/18/18  (66)
Scott Adams said that the children being separated from illegal alien parents    06/18/18  (45)
My boyfriend loves leaving fruit in my vagina so he can eat it later (damn daddy    06/18/18  (13)
City Demands $132K From Mother Whose Kid Knocked Over Some Sculpture    06/18/18  (22)
The fruits of tropical places are like candy.    06/18/18  (10)
Prole tell: your favorite fruit is some basic shit like "orange"    06/18/18  (12)
Asian applicants at H rated lower on personality    06/18/18  (158)
XO reptiles are like the dogs at the end of Plague Dogs    06/18/18  (4)
German soldiers in WWII were superior but only lost due to numbers?    06/18/18  (55)
5 Illegal ALIENS killed: "it's called good police work"    06/18/18  (11)
Dr Federer Drives Himself From Stuttgart To Switzerland (PIC) #tennis    06/18/18  (1)
Former Pros XO Stan & Djoker Playing Dubs Together In Queens #tennis    06/18/18  (1)
freddie here. the return of freddie. brand new freddie. freddie story.    06/18/18  (15)
just poppin in to check up on freddie. sup freddie    06/18/18  (5)
Why is Ohio such a shithole?    06/18/18  (56)
Rate this porn.    06/18/18  (1)
Libs are literally hysterically irate Trump isnt letting illegals freely enter    06/18/18  (3)
The soul crushing look in your dad's eyes after you hang up after 11 minute call    06/18/18  (13)
>75 iq tell: unhinged railing against cannabis    06/18/18  (3)
so the Cr is riding brand new & expen$ive bicycle thru the ghetto @ 4am ?    06/18/18  (1)
.5mg klonipin every 4 hours cr?    06/18/18  (2)
I just want to play computer games from the 90's    06/18/18  (19)
The biggest reason you cant AGWWG is youll have chink kids    06/18/18  (3)
And some, I assume, are good people.    06/18/18  (34)
So letting Stephen Miller dictate policy was a bad idea? Go figure.    06/18/18  (38)
protip: buy smirnoff ices for your latino friends as a power move    06/18/18  (1)
Most watched sports final worldwide    06/18/18  (6)
Trump will win cuz he seems on America's side, good-natured, well-intentioned    06/18/18  (11)
Libs are so unhinged that they are turning to THE BUSH FAMILY for moral guidance    06/18/18  (2)
Why did the US fire Jurgen Klinsmann? Wasn't he our only good coach ever    06/18/18  (25)
How can Trump deport these people? Did he even mention this during campaign?    06/18/18  (1)
Trump will never be president if he insists on these unamerican policies!    06/18/18  (2)
I stand with ICE 110%    06/18/18  (1)
125 iq tell: thinking reading lots of literature makes you "well read"    06/18/18  (4)
I get told by a lot of app chicks that Im nice or sweet    06/18/18  (1)
Mexicans in Los Angeles are shooting fireworks at cops to celebrate MEXICO win    06/18/18  (6)
REMINDER: DEATH IS A GIFT    06/18/18  (1)
Reminder: there is an alien base under the 4 corners region.    06/18/18  (37)
Want to name next son "Douglas". Wife is pissed    06/18/18  (8)
Korea WC team exploiting cumskin's inability to tell them apart    06/18/18  (3)
Trump & Kim Jong-un release joint stmnt: Rand Paul never shouldve ran for pres    06/18/18  (1)
just imagine if Jeb Bush had been the Republican nominee lmfao    06/18/18  (1)
"TRUMP IS A DICTATOR!" screeched the purple-haired welfare recipient outside WH    06/18/18  (3)
Kim Jong Un: I have learned today that Jeb is a mess, Jeb is a waste    06/18/18  (19)
remember the Chad tug? was 180    06/18/18  (7)
Is there a worse soccer manager than Joachim Low?    06/18/18  (4)
And I'll carry it with me like damn daddy did (Jim Croce)    06/18/18  (13)
uncomfortable truth: Oasis was -- by far -- the best band of the 90s    06/18/18  (13)
Poll: Republicans Approve of Trumps Family Separation Policy    06/18/18  (32)
Molly's Game, Molly was kind of an annoying bitch    06/18/18  (2)
so a "hot take" is an opinion that someone has that they know is retarded?    06/18/18  (12)
*throws husband, brother, father, son overboard for strangers she hasn't met*    06/18/18  (3)
Westworld Episode 9 DX    06/18/18  (2)
Libs surveing smoldering, ruined America: "Well, we did it."    06/18/18  (249)
if you just start building stuff on Antarctica, will anyone stop you?    06/18/18  (15)
South Korea soccer strategy is based on azns all looking the same, not flame    06/18/18  (1)
the resistance can't trust white women because they spawn WHITE MEN    06/18/18  (8)
went with kid to bus depot. i'm reading old newspapers. he's playing w lint    06/18/18  (11)
"Yes, white people invented that too" explains Uncle Praddep to curious Tommy    06/18/18  (8)
Trump obstructed justice obstructed justice by listening to Rosenstein?    06/18/18  (15)
Lead FBI Investigator: "we have to stop Trump from being POTUS!" No bias?    06/18/18  (15)
being generous i ballpark my lawyer "skills" bottom 10%    06/18/18  (1)
Rate this guy's life    06/18/18  (13)
Do ARE Economists have everything under control now?    06/18/18  (2)

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