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Fordham coffee shop evicts customers for wearing MAGA hats (link)    12/11/17  (21)
Copped # from a hot as FUCK 19 year old UMiami UG last night    12/11/17  (54)
maybe Donald Trump is secretly infp    12/11/17  (1)
Saw an apex chad today    12/11/17  (6)
cannot WAIT to get home & sink my teeth into wife's meaty pussy    12/11/17  (2)
Found the best replica watchmaker in the US. $300-400/watch    12/11/17  (5)
IRS Commissioner Kautter: "2018 is the year we go after Bitcoin tax evaders."    12/11/17  (2)
NYC meetup? Rent a venue? Any interest?    12/11/17  (57)
Bill DeBlasio nails the suicide bomber's motivations (link)    12/11/17  (1)
Why are blacks so much more obsessed with race than Asians are?    12/11/17  (2)
U.S. Stocks Havent Been This Overbought in 22 Years    12/11/17  (34)
boy ltc is just plugging away today    12/11/17  (3)
fact that chandler didn't go to CSLG's holiday party says a lot    12/11/17  (11)
Jim Harbaugh just landed the #1 pro-style QB in the country    12/11/17  (4)
QT - Hey QT    12/11/17  (11)
Thoughts on this NORWANUS? (pic)    12/11/17  (22)
RSF asking for an advance on his allowance to buy 15 car batteries    12/11/17  (4)
Lol i did a book report and presentation about Adolf Hitler in fourth grade    12/11/17  (5)
Ever read a poast and think HEY wait a minute...    12/11/17  (2)
why do people on here act like the weather is bad in Denver?    12/11/17  (1)
State claims I owe them taxes. Can they do anything to me?    12/11/17  (27)
"This is my asshole. It brings men pleasure." Peterman said in a monotone.    12/11/17  (24)
The Seinfeld actors had a strange ageless quality    12/11/17  (11)
Young Indian dudes own a smoke shop/lotto newstand near me w/ CoinBTM    12/11/17  (6)
Family forced me to get vivitrol. Having severe chemically induced depression    12/11/17  (31)
"when in Rome..." shrugged peterman as the squatting gypsy shat in his mouth    12/11/17  (2)
How many of you are going on dat no health insurance since trump voiding mandate    12/11/17  (11)
waking up to boner police's big smile and small erection    12/11/17  (3)
*clothmo shows up at Blood Drive with wry smile*    12/11/17  (1)
Chinese daredevil unwittingly films fall from skyscraper while doing pull-ups    12/11/17  (28)
I didn't know you were playing in the crypto space    12/11/17  (7)
RATE my dinner    12/11/17  (12)
The trucker v biker WAR over peterman is imminent and it will be brutal    12/11/17  (4)
The Mrs Maisel shit on Amazon Prime is 180    12/11/17  (3)
can you imagine living in this sexual harassment era with Hillary as POTUS?    12/11/17  (3)
"Thank you for your interest in blood donation Mr. Peterman, but..."    12/11/17  (2)
Cop taps on foggy car window: "At it again, eh Peterpuss?" (Peterman)    12/11/17  (6)
Carl Spackler updating his moniker to Just want a thug.    12/11/17  (3)
"Scott Frost took UCF from worst to first! Wait, they were 9-4 in 2014? 12-1 the    12/11/17  (4)
is AutoAdmit a hugbox    12/11/17  (2)
The Moment ABC News Realizes that Trump is Going to Win the Election (vid    12/11/17  (15)
This guy has got to go !    12/11/17  (1)
CNN quietly backtracks another Trump/Russia story (link)    12/11/17  (4)
I need Lite Coin to appreciate by only about 800,000 % and I'm free from GC    12/11/17  (9)
***OFFICIAL XO 2018 MEMBERS CONFERENCE*** June 15-17, Myrtle Beach    12/11/17  (1)
Asian support for Democrats is much more pathetic than blacks support for Democr    12/11/17  (26)
Bump if you feel LOW ENERGY    12/11/17  (4)
Dressing up as Salieri to Boner_Police's Mozart for XO halloween party    12/11/17  (3)
Wife discovered how to use tools and then black monolith appeared (EPAH)    12/11/17  (7)
Which XO poaster recorded their disabled kid complaining about getting bullied?    12/11/17  (8)
First confirmed use of the blockchain is my network of alts to attack peterman    12/11/17  (2)
Should I take this role?    12/11/17  (16)
Trump announces doubling of NASA budget and plans for moon base    12/11/17  (11)
Do Peterman and Doobs service IFNB competitions/conventions?    12/11/17  (16)
CNN asks Sarah Huckabee Sanders if she's ever been sexually assaulted (link)    12/11/17  (13)
Can lazy bros make it like CALISHITLAWGURU?    12/11/17  (60)
Serious Q: How do you know if someone is a swinger    12/11/17  (31)
Two white women launch "White Nonsense Roundup" to unburden people of color    12/11/17  (3)
Dorks hire partiers to help socialize children. Their race may surprise you.    12/11/17  (18)
Bisexual nigwife "chimped out" for three hours (EPAH)    12/11/17  (4)
NOWAG tries to cultivate schtick to lure women, dies.    12/11/17  (6)
Trading firms are now posting jobs for CRYPTO traders    12/11/17  (4)
lol at this creepy as fuck Roy Moore interview with 12-year-old girl    12/11/17  (4)
Bigot tries to DISRUPT Adult Conversation, gets UN-PACKED    12/11/17  (1)
I think I have seasonal affective disorder    12/11/17  (2)
Light blue dress shirts>>>>>>&g
t;>> white dress shirts
   12/11/17  (3)
Biddle, Sam - Inappropriate communication, harassment, inappropriate digital con    12/11/17  (1)
Ryan Lizza's crime: "Creepy af in the DM's"    12/11/17  (5)
Nutella worked and strived fot a decade+. Peterman clicked "buy" on coinbase    12/11/17  (34)
Nine single 31 year old women at a house party secretly looking for men    12/11/17  (49)
Breaking News: Sen. Gillibrand Calls on Trumo to Resign!    12/11/17  (36)
***Breaking: Trump to step down from presidency***    12/11/17  (4)
Oberlin demands justice for black students who beat, robbed racist baker.    12/11/17  (57)
Libs - Trump is Russian agent || far right - Obama is a muslim/secret Islamist    12/11/17  (7)
is Marquette Law good?    12/11/17  (1)
Gillibrand: Im a gimmicky idiot. LOL!!!!    12/11/17  (2)
JJC reenacting the American Psycho dry cleaning scene at his own laundry store    12/11/17  (3)
Hey Charles the daily caller website is SPS with popups and terrible layout    12/11/17  (3)
Mountain West is clearly the best place to live in the US    12/11/17  (65)
Grabbing a stranger's pussy and ?ing if shes wet now a criminal offense ljl @ li    12/11/17  (1)
Just got gingerbread flavored snus in from Sweden...its 180!    12/11/17  (5)
According to this website CLS prof jeremy kessler is an abuser    12/11/17  (1)
Asking a woman for her phone number now a criminal offense.    12/11/17  (20)
Bisexual libwife "blacked out" for three hours in Vegas this weekend    12/11/17  (14)
Kasich: "Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Was she a... great big fat person?"    12/11/17  (70)
anyone else feel like no one at work likes them    12/11/17  (21)
Did not realize Harvey Weinstein and Bret Weinstein are cousins    12/11/17  (1)
cummin out of my CAGE, and I been doing just fine    12/11/17  (3)
debt collection law seems like a 180 shitlaw field to churn and burn    12/11/17  (8)
*Trump's dick heals from GAPING libs nonstop* Tweets: "Round 54 is going to be i    12/11/17  (1)
evan39 this "society" we "live" in is unbearable    12/11/17  (9)
PSA: if you've never had "personality conflicts" with anyone, you're a pushover    12/11/17  (3)
lol at this "research project" from Georgetown "University"    12/11/17  (6)
PROTIP: buy a bunch of burner phones and find a TCPA non-compliant company    12/11/17  (1)
Holy shit, just noticed Lomachenko's dad took the gold crown off his head    12/11/17  (3)
everyone else feel like no one at xo likes them    12/11/17  (5)
CNN: Trump's #MeToo moment is here (link)    12/11/17  (3)
Why is Trumpmo's defense against everything "You're Asian?"    12/11/17  (62)
Amazon workers working 55-hour weeks, they fall asleep standing up (link)    12/11/17  (17)
So Calishit GAPED Chandler's holds in litigation?    12/11/17  (1)
Why doesn't lomachenko fight bud crawford    12/11/17  (55)
CNN: it is BEYOND OFFENSIVE that Sanders accuses CNN for promoting an agenda (li    12/11/17  (17)
Libs telling your 18yo daughter that Trump will legalize sexual assault    12/11/17  (4)
Jmaw are you running from back taxes on crypto?    12/11/17  (1)
Trump's sexual assault victims going full Weinstein    12/11/17  (26)
Crazy that Anthony Weiner got off again.    12/11/17  (2)
EPAH why do you like to lift so much? what keeps you motivated?    12/11/17  (3)
Aerith's theme was playing as I walked into Fri afternoon meeting w/ partner    12/11/17  (26)
Olympic podium. 3 pairs of xo posters standing 69ing on each level.    12/11/17  (6)
this pioneering UK soldier came out as transgender & converted to islam    12/11/17  (2)
Mayweather vs Lomachenko in 2018 at 143 catch weight. Who wins?    12/11/17  (7)
tell me all about buying and selling FEDEX ROUTES    12/11/17  (3)
CNN claims Trump drinks 12 diet cokes per day    12/11/17  (4)
I have strange hatred and disgust for word "chubby"    12/11/17  (1)
Trump should tweet "#MeToo if you have been falsely accused of sexual assault"    12/11/17  (1)
Shitlib radio host bravely apologizes for past sexual misconduct; is fired    12/11/17  (8)
I assumed Tom (((Steyer))) was a tech founder. LJL, hes just another finance fag    12/11/17  (9)
FRANKIE SAY RECLAIM    12/11/17  (1)
Any chance Trump is NOT ordered to submit to deposition in Zervos case?    12/11/17  (8)
Former Facebook exec says social media is ripping apart society    12/11/17  (33)
Is drakemallard det?    12/11/17  (109)
/*\ BREAKING NEWS: DR. RAFAEL NADAL NAMED 2017 ITF WORLD CHAMPION #tennis /*\    12/11/17  (4)
Do any YouTube daredevils that climb supertall structures ever freak out at top    12/11/17  (1)
FOX News poll has Jones leading by 10. WTF.    12/11/17  (7)
Tom Steyer released a new commercial to impeach Trump. LMAO    12/11/17  (4)
Feel like a fag cumming to soft titties    12/11/17  (6)
XO: do you just hate Islam, or do you hate Muslims as well?    12/11/17  (6)
Very depressed because I'm so fucking bored    12/11/17  (45)
Feel like a fag constantly having sex with other men    12/11/17  (2)
farting so hard john popper breaks into a harmonica solo    12/11/17  (40)
Weird how in early 1970s, sending people to moon was routine, but now?    12/11/17  (11)
Some MOONS have MOONS    12/11/17  (5)
MLB bros, is there any possible way Giancarlo Stanton is NOT on PEDs?    12/11/17  (9)
Trump: MAKE THE MOON GREAT AGAIN    12/11/17  (4)
moderately chubby cheerful gf says she's gonna be in China 3/4 of her time    12/11/17  (26)
See multiple msm references to the DISTINCTION on #metoo wrt Moore and Franken e    12/11/17  (2)
farting so hard 10,000 millennials begin bouncing up and down in unison    12/11/17  (1)
Trump: I've already sent us back to the moon -- have you seen Bitcoin?    12/11/17  (1)
NOWAG on quora asks turd what his net worth is. Turd responds    12/11/17  (6)
hey colt, let's start an xo mineral fund. we'll call it I RIKE A ROYARTEE, LLC    12/11/17  (1)
is BLUES TRAVELER underrated?    12/11/17  (7)
WaPo: if you support Trump's decision on Jerusalem, you're an anti-Muslim (link)    12/11/17  (8)
Flat chests are fuckin' amazing (DBG)    12/11/17  (2)
Milwaukee construction worker fired for KKK and Conf Flag symbols on cooler    12/11/17  (5)
Halford, I like how you're getting doobs into the Christmas spirit.    12/11/17  (58)
an obese NOWAG #withher bleating about "white privilege"    12/11/17  (1)
Is DOJ really suing Harvard over AA or is that flame?    12/11/17  (1)
I've been a fair amount of place but think American West is the prettiest    12/11/17  (5)
Let's talk about CIA recruitment meetings    12/11/17  (1)

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