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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
Is Aly Raisman TOO horsey?    07/19/18  (17)
Trump should do something really shitlibby just so shitlibs turn against it.    07/19/18  (2)
"omg i LOVE my apartment," said the unwed childless 42yo in mfh    07/19/18  (2)
BREAKING! WaPo piece about Hillary using foreign agents to win election (link)    07/19/18  (7)
why didnt darth vader go all out fighting obi wan. it was like a chill fencing m    07/19/18  (16)
Holy shit luis! UR below 10x up on your investment in VEN! (DTP)    07/19/18  (1)
Stable Full of Alts; A Few Alts More; The Sudo, The Pumo and The Quotemo    07/19/18  (3)
"The Supreme Gentleman" Robert Mueller    07/19/18  (2)
The Holocaust Proceeded in Ten Stages. We're at Number Four. (NYT)    07/19/18  (20)
LJL gays and a tranny in Truvada commercial saying "I'm on the Pill" (link)    07/19/18  (59)
Raceists run the Yale Law Journal    07/19/18  (12)
Russian spy chick offered to be questioned by Mueller, who declined    07/19/18  (3)
A friend of a friend just got a DUI that'll likely get tossed thanks to the cops    07/19/18  (28)
Jewish guy walks in on his best friend screwing his wife.    07/19/18  (3)
Palestinian Children want to kill Israeli Children. Why?    07/19/18  (24)
Russian spy who conspired with NRA to help Trump was getting ready to flee USA    07/19/18  (52)
They want to kill Jews for making the desert bloom.    07/19/18  (3)
Quora is so fucking gay    07/19/18  (2)
I'll head you first, okay?    07/19/18  (15)
Sapiosexual lezzie into Heading    07/19/18  (8)
A Restaurant Manager Walks Over To a Table of Jews:    07/19/18  (35)
100% DIVERSITY    07/19/18  (1)
Genie Bouchard isn't even that hot #tennis    07/19/18  (16)
Today in MFH real estate: "sprawling" alcove studio for 549K    07/19/18  (1)
What are Maria Butina and this Russian intel officer drinking in this photo?    07/19/18  (4)
All the ETH fan-boys praying for "flippening" vs BTC are ungrateful turds (DTP)    07/19/18  (1)
Why is the POTUS treating murderous despots with respect and admiration?    07/19/18  (1)
LOL @ the ESPY courage award    07/19/18  (8)
AcademicSingles.co.uk    07/19/18  (1)
Trump goes pumo    07/19/18  (2)
Parole violations sending felons through prisons revolving door (link)    07/19/18  (2)
If Google Maps is any indication, Israel is a shithold    07/19/18  (45)
Trump: The Democrats have a death wish, in more ways than one    07/19/18  (13)
she thicc like a kindergarten pencil    07/19/18  (2)
MEXICO agrees to FUND THE WALL MAGGAAAAA    07/19/18  (2)
Butina was ugly    07/19/18  (7)
The Seinfeld series finale except theyre in jail because Kramer said the N word    07/19/18  (4)
*pic of Julia pops up* Joan Rivers: "Those tits are more crooked than Enron"    07/19/18  (36)
bros, its me again. important update on obamas ISIS speech tomor    07/19/18  (11)
Fox2016: Russians kill hang diplomats' dog break house; today: Turn diplomat ove    07/19/18  (1)
Weird upside of depression: I'm shredded as fuck now    07/19/18  (10)
All a supercomputer has to do to gain sentience is to analyze XO's post archive    07/19/18  (14)
Promises made; promises kept. TRUMP reforms insurance MAGA    07/19/18  (18)
Is the new NCBE Study Aid representative of the difficultly of the actual MBE?    07/19/18  (5)
RATE this Latina busted for sex with retarded teens    07/19/18  (3)
Oh Malk! six mirrion jew die in horocaust?    07/19/18  (2)
Chevron begins pumping oil in syria! Promises made promises kept    07/19/18  (2)
Obeezy sexual market value SURGES    07/19/18  (2)
Trump: Obama is a Kenyan! Schumer a clown! Btw why wont libs work w me?    07/19/18  (2)
Trump approval SURGES    07/19/18  (4)
the wall just got ten feet taller haha    07/19/18  (1)
"She's, like, a 4 at best" snickered the balding, pudgy goblin faced attorney    07/19/18  (3)
imagine if Michael Richards Laugh Factory incident happened today    07/19/18  (5)
When did the Czech Republic become Czechia?    07/19/18  (10)
Guys who went to T10 law schools make the best shitlawyers on earth.    07/19/18  (7)
Anyone Notice Czech Republic Forcememing Itself As "Czechia"?    07/19/18  (11)
Mueller's trial exhibits leaked. Manafort (and all Trumpmos) FUCKED    07/19/18  (21)
Lindy West | Roxane Gay | End Road Work | Ijeoma Oluo    07/19/18  (2)
Impossible to be an alpha trial lawyer without at least 6 feet and a booming voi    07/19/18  (1)
NIGGER Serena Consoled By NIGGER Markle At Wimbledon #tennis    07/19/18  (12)
Wait is it illegal to abandon your spouse?    07/19/18  (1)
What % of "abandoned" wives did truly awful things in marriage?    07/19/18  (9)
Anything more damaging to IQ than reading an obeezy/HoldUp subthread?    07/19/18  (2)
A book never written: Falling Off a Cliff by Eileen Dover    07/19/18  (1)
rate these rednecks wigging out over a 1.7MM dollar enclosed cockpit powerboat    07/19/18  (1)
describe your getting out of bed routine    07/19/18  (26)
an imperial norwood four pradeep is boarding the starship enterprise    07/19/18  (2)
oh my god it's going to be a great week holy shit here we gooooo    07/19/18  (439)
WaPo: Trumps America is just like the Holocaust (link)    07/19/18  (61)
PSA for crossword enthusiasts: do this puzzle    07/19/18  (10)
*(*(*(*( BRITISH OPEN PREDICTIONS ITT )*)*)*)*    07/19/18  (26)
Is Obama done here from those wiretaps yet?    07/19/18  (38)
would you pay 200 dollars to fuck bloodacre? i did and regretted    07/19/18  (5)
How important is it to list every single element on the bar exam essays?    07/19/18  (12)
I have never met someone more confident in their life choices than CSLG.    07/19/18  (22)
Trumpmo 4 life but his 36% approval is disconcerting as fuck    07/19/18  (52)
"actually, no, I'd prefer to discuss the nits as a group on this call."    07/19/18  (1)
why didn't NYUUG serve in the army?    07/19/18  (17)
Nearly 13 years ago.    07/19/18  (5)
DeBlasio: NYC will become fourth city in US to offer free Truvada in all schools    07/19/18  (1)
What the fuck is up with unattractive white people and cosplay    07/19/18  (6)
Trump's America: Russia literally handpicking Trump's cabinet members    07/19/18  (1)
Can you send around your notes after this call? Thanks.    07/19/18  (45)
"Gini Coeffic-" *gets fucked and DNA left in brain*    07/19/18  (4)
Huffpo: Squirt can survive in a mans brain permanently    07/19/18  (3)
pretty sure Idris Elba works at the Post Office    07/19/18  (3)
Trumps FBI director releases evidence of Mueller bias - investigation DONE HERE    07/19/18  (9)
Precious metals getting gaped rite nao    07/19/18  (6)
TSINAH self medicates with wine, has cankles, shuffles about in silky shorts    07/19/18  (12)
*spaceporn crying, gut jiggling, clitdick hard, as I rail his hairy shitter    07/19/18  (6)
Totally get why some dudes get off on public masturbation now    07/19/18  (8)
Avg white guy is pasty and pushy. Any random nig is shredded    07/19/18  (11)
What's with all these assholes in DC and MFH walking in 95 degrees    07/19/18  (4)
earl is pretty fucking funny    07/19/18  (2)
Why isn't Phoenicia spelled phonetically?    07/19/18  (1)
The Berbers are the children of the Phoenicians and are the one true master race    07/19/18  (2)
Peterman: "You can't catch it twice."    07/19/18  (3)
So are libs still going with the TREASONSUMMIT today or moving on to next thing?    07/19/18  (9)
McFaul cliffs: Trump called Mueller's bluff so libs are upset (again)?    07/19/18  (2)
15 reasons why Trump is like Hitler (You won't believe #8)    07/19/18  (1)
RATE this hedge fund that is hiring BIGLAW refugees as portfolio managers    07/19/18  (11)
Reminder: Women carry male DNA in their brain from every man theyve slept with    07/19/18  (25)
A commercial for BDO but replace "BDO" with "HojRakso"    07/19/18  (6)
best part about the trades is getting off at 3PM in the summer    07/19/18  (3)
papa john shouldn't have taunted blacks with "papa" privilege in 1st place    07/19/18  (1)
10 minutes left to killself before daily standup    07/19/18  (3)
Interesting Note About the 6 million killed in the Holocaust    07/19/18  (3)
Friend wants to take Clonazepam without a doctor script. How stupid? Advise plz    07/19/18  (31)
Olympic bronze figure skating medalist MURDERED by knife wielding thugs    07/19/18  (10)
NO!! Bottom one!    07/19/18  (4)
so papa john got blackmailed by some n-words?    07/19/18  (4)
Reminder: "Upset Jew" is the typical Israel-first Neo-Con kike    07/19/18  (57)
new black craze: the zoom challenge    07/19/18  (25)
"And here now to present is NRA president, Olga Kolotnivchenko"    07/19/18  (3)
Frank Dux v. Paco    07/19/18  (12)
RATE this hot tranny getting caught jerking off by her hot tranny roommate    07/19/18  (5)
Hall of Fame Open 7/19 #tennis    07/19/18  (1)
Read the Bible. 0% chance this Jesus guy was a Jew.    07/19/18  (6)
drunk @ dive bar: "ur a lawyer right? so my brother's ex-wife kept jayden from h    07/19/18  (1)
Had terrifying premonition of massive deadly meteor shower in nightmare last nig    07/19/18  (3)
So the NRA is actually a Russian backed org? 2018 is relentless    07/19/18  (10)
Daily Stoic, 7/19/18    07/19/18  (6)
Always surprised by the amount of tennis threading on incel racist unemployment    07/19/18  (2)
Julia: "and for my next trick, I--" (Plan B pills flood out of top hat)    07/19/18  (1)
POLL: do you hold hands with your girl in public    07/19/18  (36)
RSF: lets rage! LtDan: *licks lips* mmm milk truk just arrive    07/19/18  (43)
Taylor swift is not a hobby she is a lifestyle is not a hobby he is a lifestyle    07/19/18  (2)
Shocker - Barack Obama endorsed the idea of universal basic income    07/19/18  (98)
Ive always relied on the kindness of Bantus.    07/19/18  (1)
Delaney Tarr, senior from Parkland, FL needs to do porn as soon as she turns 18.    07/19/18  (45)
Trump wants FSB to conduct interviews on U.S. soil lmao    07/19/18  (16)
Pauper Kavanaugh still has more prestige than all of XO combined    07/19/18  (24)
don't tell him, but i'm going to rape whittier in a mall bathroom tomorrow    07/19/18  (12)
Libs: Abolish Prisons; Also Libs: Manafort is Going to Die in Jail 180!!!!    07/19/18  (11)
a pale irish girl, boiling potatoes for an asian man at breakfas    07/19/18  (284)
Can anyone even argue being gay isn't better than being straight?    07/19/18  (4)
a female whore won 3 medals in the Korean War    07/19/18  (1)
Dreamt last night that I had a pet baby elephant that liked to cuddle    07/19/18  (1)
Can anyone tell me what it was it like growing up in Dagestan? HoldUp u here?    07/19/18  (1)
a female horse won 3 medals in the Korean War    07/19/18  (28)
Proposal (peace offering) to Board Trumpmos    07/19/18  (71)
great video on how Russia makes $$$ letting airlines fly over it    07/19/18  (3)
How could an AI program analyze XO and not determine humans must be destroyed?    07/19/18  (2)
It's sad that the American elites are the enemy of the American people    07/19/18  (8)
When you were 6, you saw your mom step out of the shower with a full bush    07/19/18  (1)
@realdonaldtrump: Delaney Tarr welcome to visit White House (but no Hogg!)    07/19/18  (7)
Hollywoods Brat Pack (1985 article featuring Harry Dean Stanton)    07/19/18  (10)

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