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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
I gotta gtfo out of Kiev for a bit - fucking stupid commie system    09/21/18  (18)
My company has decided that management no longer wishes to be advised of risk    09/21/18  (4)
Chink lawyer email: "I am out of the pocket until xyz"    09/21/18  (4)
*is Ford* *walks to REI to try out trekking poles*    09/21/18  (1)
Conn SCOTUS: Zero YLS Justices; US SCOTUS: Four YLS Justices (post Kav    09/21/18  (1)
An honest lib: We Are Not The Resistance, Trump Is (NYT)    09/21/18  (9)
Ride or die Qanon here but we are much better off in the hands of deep state    09/21/18  (8)
"You're not going to shoot my husband," the white woman said confidently    09/21/18  (3)
Many thanks. We will review and revert in due course. Have a great weekend    09/21/18  (2)
Im old as fuck but this Explosions in the Sky video brings tears to my eyes. Why    09/21/18  (2)
Popular terms used in law firm emails    09/21/18  (139)
I lose my mind anytime I look at shitlib Twitter comments, holy fuck    09/21/18  (15)
The problem is Benzo is 10x more clever than TSINAH    09/21/18  (30)
Hard working scientists give MOLLY to an Octopus    09/21/18  (31)
a dispute over trash    09/21/18  (3)
my gf said that i'm the first bf she's had where she doesn't worry i'll cheat    09/21/18  (14)
NBC reporting accuser worried about car mileage depreciation. Will ride bike.    09/21/18  (3)
Long read on "Who *are* Trumpmos?"    09/21/18  (4)
This is the best story on Clinton's e-mail scandal I've read (very long read)    09/21/18  (10)
What is exeunt shilling? What do I Invest in?    09/21/18  (10)
Nice long read on Japan's top porn star    09/21/18  (38)
Ford wore a mood ring and it turned blue. Why won't Judge Kavanaugh do the same?    09/21/18  (6)
Kirsten Gillibrand does not get bashed nearly enough here    09/21/18  (43)
Women have jumped the shark    09/21/18  (1)
Wanna watch NIGGERS run around with a ball? Tune in tonight!    09/21/18  (3)
xo middle west (not denver) wine & board game nite    09/21/18  (1)
Kavanaugh completely naked under robe aside from a pair of sperrys    09/21/18  (6)
Crazy how Mueller is making $$ for US Govt while GOP    09/21/18  (16)
"IS THAT ALL YOU GOT GOD?!" tsinah shouted as his scalp glue outlasted florence    09/21/18  (58)
real talk: knights of cydonia is a t5 song of the 2000s.    09/21/18  (12)
Long distance GF lied to me    09/21/18  (221)
Up to 128 pounds if I hold my skateboard while standing on the scale    09/21/18  (5)
White women constantly complaining about life in the USA    09/21/18  (7)
Rate this woman's relationship with her son.    09/21/18  (19)
Elon Musk is nigger.    09/21/18  (2)
Still kind of sad my first born will be a girl    09/21/18  (4)
Living in a high tax jurisdiction makes you a cuck    09/21/18  (6)
Longread: Girl reported her rape to police and her town told her to STFU    09/21/18  (2)
IPhone 5s haver: battery sucks, no updates, slow as fuck, awful, but why upgrade    09/21/18  (22)
Woke Shrew Speaks In Tongues At Kavanaugh Protest (Video)    09/21/18  (3)
Going to be the ghost of Ruth Bader Ginsberg for halloween    09/21/18  (1)
reporter calls reporter hysterical and botches LAW    09/21/18  (1)
I think it's time to put PredictIt money on Ginsburg croaking    09/21/18  (2)
GOP makes COUNTEROFFER to Ford (link)    09/21/18  (63)
DO just start a laundry/window washing service (Xo Pumo)    09/21/18  (2)
Politico: Blasey-Ford afraid of flying, will have to drive cross country    09/21/18  (106)
I want you all to know youre all very special to me    09/21/18  (2)
Kavanaugh flashing the shocker in new SCOTUS pic    09/21/18  (7)
Kavanaugh gleefully overturning Roe v. Wade    09/21/18  (1)
Pop your "inner voice" outward. Bam! You're an extrovert.    09/21/18  (41)
Elon Musk offers to build quick tunnel to get Dr. Ford to DC by Monday    09/21/18  (9)
The Gospel According to Brad    09/21/18  (10)
How will your parents be taken care of in old age?    09/21/18  (18)
what is chemically occuring with introversion (energy loss, etc). why no fix?    09/21/18  (20)
I have a friend that wants me to do a window washing business with him    09/21/18  (2)
Wake me up ohhhh wake me up when September ends    09/21/18  (4)
Can somebody compile all the Chad/Bible threads - they are 180000000000    09/21/18  (2)
I just tried to ford a river and my oxen died.    09/21/18  (3)
Study: far fewer illegal aliens in US than previously thought    09/21/18  (1)
Blasey-Ford's diagnosed with Sudden Onset Morgellon's    09/21/18  (1)
I think Nebraska pulls off the upset in The Big House.    09/21/18  (3)
Christine Blasey-Ford demanding Committee wait until Mars is in the 3rd house    09/21/18  (4)
Oklahoma.. Baker mayfield fraud    09/21/18  (5)
*goes literally insane for face and tit formation*    09/21/18  (1)
More elusive: Christine Blasey-Ford testimony or proof of nyuug's "harem"    09/21/18  (1)
Just Saved $100 shipping new iphone and watch via Oregon    09/21/18  (4)
wtf I love papists now    09/21/18  (2)
Christine Blasey-Ford demanding to be fanned with fig leaves and fed grapes    09/21/18  (5)
Blasey Ford demands 18 bottles of Perrier, bowl of M&Ms with brown ones removed    09/21/18  (6)
Blasey Ford experiencing selective mutism needs time to learn sign language    09/21/18  (2)
Blasey Ford to also testify about horrors she saw at Flying Js across the US    09/21/18  (2)
Poasting from the iPhone MAX - taking questions    09/21/18  (1)
Kavanaugh should sue Blasey Ford for defamation and take her house    09/21/18  (1)
Is no one in USA smart enough to figure out logistics of brokered secession?    09/21/18  (32)
poetry seems like a lost art    09/21/18  (24)
Collins 'appalled' by Trump's attack on Kavanaugh accuser    09/21/18  (2)
Tumblr of very busty 90s teens wearing men's button down shirt + nothing else    09/21/18  (1)
*tsinahs toupee blowing off as benzo tokyo drifts his maserati past FL dui court    09/21/18  (44)
CBF to grace America with 4-week trek on parade float, CA to DC    09/21/18  (1)
Jordan Peterson goes full retard, believes ancient Chinese discovered DNA    09/21/18  (47)
You can live 40 days without food, 8 days without water, minutes without air,but    09/21/18  (6)
I cant live any longer without family money and no inheritance    09/21/18  (13)
there are a lot of people on this site one of my imgurs got 75 views    09/21/18  (3)
what are some of your fav movie or tv scenes of all time?    09/21/18  (13)
tumblr of mousy chix allergic to too much attention    09/21/18  (2)
CFB WEEK 4 looks like it could be a pretty 180 slate of games    09/21/18  (24)
Poetry saved my marriage    09/21/18  (7)
loaning a friend $5k    09/21/18  (32)
peeing out of my ass    09/21/18  (2)
off the charts depression    09/21/18  (6)
crazy how all of my fat goes straight to my manboobs    09/21/18  (3)
seems like its about time to killself    09/21/18  (4)
What are the most prestigious areas of L.A.?    09/21/18  (27)
ha! some dumb faggot says Kavanaugh is a rapist!    09/21/18  (1)
French cuffs or barrel cuffs??    09/21/18  (1)
Why do men report priest diddling 30 years later? Should have gone to FBI immedi    09/21/18  (8)
when i get hungry i will literally break and smash things until i eat    09/21/18  (32)
juden peterstein    09/21/18  (2)
cant take it anymore    09/21/18  (3)
why tf did jordan peterson claim that he didn't sleep for 25 straight days?    09/21/18  (29)
First screen test of Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker (vid)    09/21/18  (60)
Trump orders declassification and release of all FISA docs & FBI texts    09/21/18  (51)
NYC schools abolish merit-based admissions in desegregation effort (link    09/21/18  (109)
Dr Federer NEGGED Lance "Rafa" Nadal As Dubs Partner 10 Yrs Ago #tennis    09/21/18  (2)
JFC, video emerges of Jordan Peterson clearly high on cocaine. He's done here    09/21/18  (2)
What would happen if i went to 2L OCI at local law school, just    09/21/18  (1)
*Christine Ford retaining CSLG for Kavanaugh rape injuries*    09/21/18  (1)
Why did Juanita Broadrick wait 20yrs to accuse Clinton of rape? No police report    09/21/18  (2)
First of all, thank you for the compliment of 'Blasey'    09/21/18  (1)
Going to ride my bicycle through the empty city streets tonight    09/21/18  (3)
"I can't, my back" Christine Ford lisped    09/21/18  (1)
anyone 'look' a lot smarter than you actually are?    09/21/18  (2)
B O O M would be extremely Cr to hang out with IRL    09/21/18  (22)
Your future wife somehow got free weed from 350 lb "D Block" in college    09/21/18  (73)
Tranny fuckers please explain the mechanics of this tyia    09/21/18  (16)
some of these Twitter libs have to be flame    09/21/18  (3)
* xo original poetry *    09/21/18  (7)
Always remember that libs are doing whatever they accuse us of    09/21/18  (5)
girl on omegle insulted my haircut    09/21/18  (11)
Blasey-Ford flew to Hawaii for an internship (link)    09/21/18  (15)
We are The Addiction Network    09/21/18  (9)
DRAKEEEEEEE    09/21/18  (30)
tumblr of hot teen au pairs in children's birthday party costumes    09/21/18  (18)
Wife refusing to get attractive Au Pair    09/21/18  (148)
Yeah I used to be a travel journalist its a tough racket (RSF sips drink)    09/21/18  (7)
How to tell if a bad feeling is loneliness? Autism blanket?    09/21/18  (4)
Is Sharia Law the Credited Response to increasing libsanity?    09/21/18  (19)
I somewhat suspect that not teaching about the history of Western civ    09/21/18  (88)
tumblr of jailbait teens smoking cigarettes in high school parking lots    09/21/18  (15)
tumblr of pudgy, lactose intolerant Jewesses sampling rare French cheeses    09/21/18  (3)
UNC --> WUSTL Law --> Milbank --> Marine Recon --> SEAL Team Three --> WUSTL ten    09/21/18  (8)
Prager university video on diference between libs and leftists. There is a difer    09/21/18  (2)
kill m    09/21/18  (1)
   09/21/18  (1)
Tumblr of high heel brunette shrews in capris waiting for valet parking    09/21/18  (5)
One of my dad has rough blue collar hand. The other has soft lawyer hands.    09/21/18  (2)
tumblr of tired, angry law shrews after wrecking their Saabs    09/21/18  (8)
tumblr of shy brunettes in tights panicking on the phone about money    09/21/18  (51)
Would you fuck a really hot retard    09/21/18  (9)
Chad Impregnates a Cuckold's Barren Wife    09/21/18  (36)
Shirtless dad, son arrested for gunning down neighbor in trash fight (vid)    09/21/18  (52)
We appreciate your interest in Paul Weiss, but we hired someone w legal experie    09/21/18  (12)
I swear to god I will lateral to Shearman the MOMENT they open Houston office    09/21/18  (16)
Remember when young you'd mix up CRAZY chicke just to liven things up    09/21/18  (9)
This is how awesome life could be in an all white America (vid)    09/21/18  (32)
While Foods hot bar LOADED with wimpy ashamed MEAL CUCKS    09/21/18  (17)
It's easier to understand the midterms with black-scholes. GOP wrote Dems a    09/21/18  (9)
Vinson & Elkins formally declares "war" on KIRKLAND. (Link)    09/21/18  (2)
Best part about Kirkland & Ellis: beach weekend every May    09/21/18  (8)
Comey leaked the info on Rod Rosenstein    09/21/18  (1)

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